How to Line your Eyes with Color

One of the biggest trends this season has been having the eyes lined with different and usually bright, exotic and even neon shades of color. This includes neon pinks, electric blues and lime greens that are bold, bright and downright beautiful.

If you are sick and tired of the black or brown-lined lash look and want to try something different for your next girl’s night out, then try these colored eye liner tips below:

TIP: You do not need to go out and spend a ton of money on brand new trendy eye liners that may not even be “in season” six months from now. Invest in an eyeliner brush instead and some funky eye shadow shades that will help really make your eyes pop!

What you Need for Funky Colored Eye Liner:

  • Your trusted black, brown, or gray eye liner pencil
  • A flat eyeliner brush
  • Funky, bold, or neon eyeshadow shades

The next step is to take your pencil liner and then to line either your upper lid, or your lower lid – but not both. Make sure that you do draw the line from corner to corner, and then with your pinky finger gently smudge the line.

TIP: For a more dramatic or definitive line, try using a liquid eyeliner.

Now it’s time to add that extra color to your eyes! What you need now is the flat liner brush, and your bold eyeshadow color or colors of choice. You can also use more neutral tone eyeshadows if you are not going for that extremely bold and “out there” look.

Take a small amount of mineral eye shadow and tap it into a small container or the lid of your eyeshadow. Then, with the eyeliner brush, swirl it in the shadow and tap off any loose powder. Apply a thin line of the powder with the liner brush to either the upper or lower eyelid (which ever eyelid you did not line with your brown or black liner). If you want an even bolder look, feel free to add another layer.

TIP: The general preference amongst women is to use the darker pencil liner on the lower lid and then to line the upper eyelid with the bold color, but it really is just that – a matter of preference. Try out some different techniques and styles to see what works for you and what doesn’t work.

If you are going out at night and want a truly stunning look, try using a dampened eyeliner brush. Follow the same steps above, except dampen the brush prior to swirling it in the eyeshadow.

To really complete the look, follow up with at least 2 coats of fantastic volumizing mascara. It is important that your lashes appear long and have a lot of thickness to them to really pull off this look. If necessary, try applying some false eyelashes to really add some extra drama and mystique to your look.