How to Apply Smoky Eye Make Up

If there is one “look” that any woman on this planet can pull off, it is the smoky eye. Whether you have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes or any color in between, smoky eye makeup will be attractive, dramatic, and downright sexy.

Learning how to apply smoky eye make up with confidence can be a bit tricky, particularly as women who are just starting to try and pull off the smoky eye look may often apply too much (which makes it look too dark) or they make it too smudgy, which give an unclean and unkempt appearance. With a bit of knowledge and some practice, even you can give yourself that professional, sultry smoky eye appearance.

  1. Begin by applying cover up to your eye area, using three dabs on the bottom of your eye and a couple of dabs on your lid to even out the skin tone. If you have “veiny” or bluish tinged eyelids, try to use a yellow-based concealer as this will best cover up any imperfections.
  2. Next, use a makeup primer for your eyes to really help set the eye makeup on your face. If you do not use a primer, then you risk having your eye shadow “crease” into the fold of your eyelid and brow bone.
  3. Then comes the eye liner. For the traditional smoky eye look, use a black eyeliner along your lash line. Black will also give you the most dramatic effect. Use brown and grey eye liners if you want a less dramatic, softer effect. For alternative looks, however, you can use some dark colored eyeliners, such as navy blues, deep purples, or even forest green if that will compliment a different shade of eye shadow you are using for your smoky eye make up.
  4. Blend, blend, blend! To really pull off the smoky eye look, it’s all about properly blending the makeup in. This may involve a fair amount of smudging as well.

    TIP: For a really advanced smoky eye look, try using a lighter colored eye liner (such as a charcoal grey of you have used black eyeliner along the top lash line) on the lower lash line.

  5. Now it’s time to apply a light base color. Take a lighter color and sweep it right over your eye lid to your brow bone (try using a shimmer shade to obtain a gorgeous multi-dimensional smoky eye).
  6. After you have applied the light base shade, it’s time to bright out the darker eye shadow! Apply the darker eye shadow right in the crease line, but keep it below the brow bone. Then, take that same eye shadow and begin to blend it in along the lash line, blending it in with an upwards motion. You want to blend the color in to the point where the eye liner is invisible.
  7. Once you have completed the eye shadow, step back and review your masterpiece. If any makeup is too smudged or has not been blended enough, use cover up to help reduce any smudge effect and blend in any color with a Q-Tip or cotton swab.
  8. Once you are happy with how your eye shadow looks, complete your smoky eye make up with two coats of black, volumizing mascara. Be sure to wiggle the mascara back and forth as you work your way up from the base of your eye lashes to the tips for a clean effect.