How to Apply Perfect Mascara Perfectly

Mascara may look rather easy to apply – all you have to do is brush some product onto your eyelashes and hope you don’t sneeze in the process, right? – but truth be told, to have the best looking lashes out there you need to know how to apply perfect mascara, perfectly.

What you first need to consider is the formulation of mascara that you require, and this may differ from day to day. There are lengthening mascaras. There are thickening mascaras. There are waterproof kinds, conditioning kinds, and even an array of different colors out there for you to choose from.

TIP: If you are wondering what color to choose, black is almost always a safe choice. Those with dark brown eyes may benefit from choosing a brown mascara for a more “natural” look, and those with blue eyes may really enjoy wearing a dark navy blue to help make their eyes stand out!

Waterproof is a great choice if you live in a humid climate, if it is raining outside, or if you seem to constantly suffer from raccoon eyes or the “smudge” effect. If you find that your eyelashes seem to feel dry and brittle after using mascara and mascara remover, then you may want to opt for a conditioning kind of mascara.

There is also hypoallergenic mascara (for those with sensitive eyes, who wear contacts or who suffer from allergies), natural mascara (made of natural products) and organic mascara (made mostly of organic-only substances) to choose from as well.

Now let’s talk application. To apply your perfect mascara perfectly, you should first wait to apply your mascara after all of your other makeup has been applied. This way, you can gage just how dark you want your eyelashes to appear. Grab your eyelash curler and curl both sides of your lashes to give yourself that truly wide eyed look and to really open up your eyes.

TIP: You should only have to hold your eyelash curler in place for 5 to 10 seconds. For very difficult lashes, you may want to invest in a heated eyelash curler, or give the curler a quick blast from your hair dryer before using it on your lashes.

Once your lashes are curled, remove the wand from the tube of the mascara. Be sure to swirl the wand around in the tube and resist the urge to “pump” the wand (pumping the wand only forces air into the mascara, which dries the mascara out and also increases the amount of bacteria that is already in there). If you have too much product on the tip of the brush or on a side, lightly blot it with a piece of tissue.

Begin applying the mascara to your upper lashes, being sure to place the wand right at the base of the underside of your eyelashes and move up and out, taking care to wiggle the wand as you move your way up. This ensures even application and it will allow you to reach the roots of your lashes right to the very tip.

After you have applied the mascara to the top lashes, use the wand to apply mascara to your lower lashes (do not dip your mascara wand back into the tube to do this). If you require a second coat of mascara, apply it to only the top lashes.