7 Steps to Applying False Eyelashes

False eyelashes got a bad wrap not all too long ago. They were accused of looking too fake, of being too difficult to apply, of being downright impossible to remove once the day was over and the wearer was ready to retire to bed. Great improvements have been made to false eyelashes, including the process and materials used when applying false eyelashes.

There are alternatives out there, such as eyelash extensions (that can easily cost you up to $500) or creams and tonics to try and stimulate growth (yeah right!) but the easiest, surefire way to have those long beautiful lashes that you have always wanted is to begin applying false eyelashes to add glamour to your natural lashes.

  1. Begin by choosing which false eyelashes you will want to be using. Full false eyelash sets are definitely a whole lot easier to apply, but they will come off looking more false than individual lashes. Individual lashes, though more natural in appearance, certainly do take a whole lot more time and a very steady hand to apply. If you do choose a full set of false eyelashes, you can make them look more natural by trimming them to the length of your natural lash line, and then using a small pair of scissors to cut the lashes to different lengths (try to keep the longer lashes towards the outer corner of the eye).
  2. You will also want to choose a color that will be appropriate. Black is a great way to start if you are unsure of what colors to choose, since black fake eyelashes will go with absolutely anything and everything. For a more natural appearance, you can try to match the shade of the eyelash to the natural shade of your real eyelashes.
  3. Clean your eyelids with an oil-free eye makeup remover to remove any traces of oil or residue that may interfere with you applying false eyelashes. You want to be sure that the eyelashes are able to stick.
  4. The fourth step is to add adhesive to the false eyelashes so that you are able to begin applying false eyelashes to your eyelid. An eyelash glue should work just fine (some professionals recommend a darker eyelash glue). Apply the adhesive to the back of your hand and then sweep the false eyelashes across it. Allow the adhesive to dry slightly so that the glue is of a “tacky” texture, or quickly blow on the glue to expedite the process.
  5. Now it’s time to begin applying false eyelashes to your eyelid. Begin by pressing the lashes down near the inside corner of your eyes. Hold the eyelashes down as close to your lash line as possible (but not on top of your lash line). If you find that your fingers are too cumbersome in such a small area, try applying false eyelashes with tweezers. If you are using individual lashes, start in the reverse direction – go from the outside of the eye to the inside of the eye.
  6. The eyelashes may take up to 1 minute to dry and stick. Once they are dry and you are able to remove your tweezers or your finger without lifting off the lashes, follow up by using an eyelash curler and gently curl the false eyelashes with your own natural lashes
  7. Sweep a liquid liner over your new lashes to help conceal the “glue line” of your false eyelashes, and follow up with a coat or two of mascara if desired.